Where do the Dutch want to travel in 2023?

Mark wiens


Don't look at the Dutch usually "stingy" pragmatic, in tourism on this matter is not ambiguous. Although I only had one day off on New Year's Day (and it hit Sunday), there were plenty of holidays ahead and the anticipation of "going out" was already full. Where do the Dutch want to travel in 2023?

Europe remains the favourite destination for Dutch holidaymakers abroad, with Scandinavia topping the list, according to the new survey.

Located in the northwest corner of Europe, Scandinavia includes two countries: Norway and Sweden, both of which are scenic tourist cities that are easy to shoot. Here my uncle recommends a warm and healing movie - "Heidi and Grandpa", the film is set in the Swiss Alps, really make people cry after watching.

More than 83 percent of Dutch people plan to travel to Europe in 2023, and North and Central America, which they were unable to visit due to the pandemic, are also becoming destinations for some Dutch people. Forty percent of the Dutch said they would travel at least once in 2023, and 37 percent wanted to travel at least twice.

The Top15 most popular countries in the Netherlands for the New Year are as follows. The top three are Norway, Italy and Sweden. Except for Canada, the United States and Costa Rica, the rest are European cities.

Among them, Costa Rica in Latin America is a relatively developed country with a high living standard and a booming tourism industry. Because it is located at the intersection of Central America and South America, it has a diverse culture, which is called "Switzerland in Central America". With its tropical atmosphere, volcanoes and nature reserves, Costa Rica is a world away from the temperate Marine climate of the Netherlands, so no wonder the Dutch love it.

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