Some people in Austria will have six weeks off this year

Mark wiens


At the National Council meeting, it was decided to provide a leave week for health and care workers over the age of 43. The number of sick days is increasing and the shortage of staff is getting worse. Hospital staff have been under enormous pressure since the start of the pandemic. Now, employees in the health care and nursing fields will be laid off.

In the National Council, it was decided to introduce a relief week for health and nursing workers over the age of 43. In addition, employees will be entitled to two hours of night work per night shift, according to a statement from the Health Ministry.

Two other measures of nursing reform

So the federal government is implementing two other measures of nursing reform. They include all activities in inpatient facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes or ambulatory care.

A sixth week of leave is already included in some collective agreements. Now the federal government is making sure that all health care and care workers throughout Austria can do the same. In future, all employees in the nursing profession will also be entitled to two hours' night leave, regardless of their employer. The new rules also prevent night hours from being counted towards the relief week.

"To contribute to making nursing more attractive".

"The extra relief weeks are meant to compensate for the particular burden caregivers face. Like many sectors, nursing is suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. Labor and Economic Affairs Minister Martin. Martin Kocher (PP) explained: "Through Relief Week, we want to contribute to making nursing more attractive and keeping carers in the profession for longer.

"Nursing is a beautiful and challenging profession that often involves night work. Many employees enjoy working in the industry but feel stressed after a few years. We must create the framework conditions so that they can enjoy working for longer, "said Johannes, Minister of Health and Social Affairs. "Johannes Rauch (Green Party) stressed.

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